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My quest for quiet


October 2019 - now

I'm Eva and I’m one of the lucky ones with a sound-processing disorder. 

(I say ‘lucky ones’ but that’s actually a bad joke. Sorry.)

Sound-processing disorders are pretty annoying. They come in all shapes and sizes but the baseline is always the same: your brain turns ‘normal’ day-to-day sounds into unbearable sounds. It's neurological. 

I could elaborate on how these disorders make daily life hard or how it impacts one's life enormously, but that’s not what I came here to do. 

One of the daily struggles is a search for silence, to run from the noise. And unknowingly, I have been searching for silence for the past 15 years, without realising the charm of this quest.

To this day, there’s no cure yet. This leaves us, lucky ones, with one other option: to embrace the struggle and find beauty in it.

That’s why I have started to document my search for silence and called it collateral silence. Because underneath the daily battle, the collateral 'damage' has been a beautifully interesting journey so far. 

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